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LoRa meshtastic for anonymous connection. And pogo pin connector

Please guys add LoRa board in FlipperZero. So anybody who has same key can connect around with other participants \ crew.

And also, as that guy say before (Adding an external antenna connector) please add two type of Wi-Fi antennas. So person which using “Flipper” can attach the antenna from any home type device. Like Wi-Fi router antenna, or just from USB Wi-Fi card. And for more easy connection add extra pogopin connector for USB cable.

Can you explain at least three use cases of this?

It’s probably proprietary protocols, but LoRa could be emulated with the CC1101 chip that is already onboard. You’d have to figure out how to do a few more modulations with that chip, CSS in particular. The frequencies are already in range though. I can think of several use cases of a long range wireless link. Chief among them, use two Flippers, one at each end as a very long link to control the BadUSB functionality. Imagine, being able to puppet a target from a few blocks away, instead of the same room or floor of the office. It’s harder to track than something network based. Not as common a vector as a cellular internet based attack. Some targets will be listening on the cellular bands for radios. They don’t need to see the content of the link, though that’s trivial these days, they sometimes only measure “presence” of devices. Listening on the cell bands, expecting something in that range. No one is looking at the band usually used for garage door openers and car key fobs.

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Well, at least that will be a awesome option. No? Flipper’s creators must add wi-fi modules, and two type sockets for wi-fi antennas. Because it is a really important to have a private LoRa mesh network. For example: you are need a private sms center? Buy the flipper zero, powerfull antenna, pack it, rack it, stack it in a waterproof box, and put on a roof somewhere, and indeed all flipper’s owners will have hundred percent privacy connection \ chat.

Is it meant to be used with laptop/phone as some kind of IP network adapter? Would be cool if I could use IRC or even VoIP, or to play CS 1.6 :smile: but still don’t know is it that useful tho
And what about battery life? It won’t matter if connected with USB to PC, but in case of Bluetooth communication with smartphone it could be drained fast