Friedland Libra+ 48249SL wireless doorbell - request :

This sort of doorbell in very popular and i would like to have support for it at protocol level on flipper.

I would like to be able to create virtual remotes with random keys to add them to the doorbells and also capture already installed codes so that i can ring the bell with flipper.

So far i was not able to make this work with read raw as the captures signal doesn’t make the bell ring (it only worked once) but i figured out the problem … flipper is set to far on the frequency. I’ve read another post and did set raw to capture on 868000000 and 868250000 by editing settings_user and now flipper can capture on those so tomorrow i will try to see if now the captured raw signal does make the bell ring.

To help you guys implememnt the protocol

I/Q Raw Recording with software defined radio (1.2 MB)

I will post flipper dumps tomorrow if they end up working with the new capturing settings.


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Just tested with some of those doorbells and f868250000 with FM476 modulation do allow to capture the correct signal (playing back does the doorbell ring). I will post some dumps later today. At any rate to capture signals that work with flipper on those doorbells it’s necessary to change settings_user to a proper frequency range but i can confirm that once this is done it does work !

Here are the files inside the zip. (143.4 KB)

A, B and C are one press of 3 different doorbell sender commands with flipper configured to raw at 868.25 . AX10 are 10 presses of the dorbell sender on doorbell A, all captured with my flipper. code of A and AX10 is the same.

If protocol is decoded and added to flipper it should be possible to configure an arbritary/random code and emulate a sender device adding that code to the doorbell reciever and also should be possibily to try to figure out if some universal code do exist that will trigger all doorbells of this exact model, like a nuniversal code, etc …


Also what software is used/can be used to analyze the signal files generated by flipper raw read ? Is there any way to convert the flipper files to format that can be oppebned/analyzed with popular SDR software ?

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WOW ! I did find this :

It explains how this protocol does work and the meaning of the bytes on the code.

It would be great if flipper could emulate a Libra+ transmitter and send not only the ID but also have the capability to capture/send the battery low “flag” and the SECRET KNOCK “flag”.

If flipper do save the entire decoded The Data Frame on the SD card then one can edit with hex editor what bites they want to change.

Example i can capture a doorbell push/signal and edit for send the “Secret Knock” on that same doorbell.

This looks very cool.

I’m uploading here some more samples. One press of several different doorbell pushers.

Please do let us know if you guys do manage to make any progress implementing this protocol on flipper.

Regards (62.5 KB)

I’m slowly sorting out requests to add protocols. I will come to your

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Cool, thanks !
Let me know if you need more raw captures.