Firmware update failed, cannot repair "Device went offline"

qFlipper-20220426-124727.txt (1.7 KB)
Windows 10 Virtual Machine (VirtualBox), already followed the win10 debugging firmware update. The flipper got itself into DFU in FS mode (ST driver version, not flipper) after failing the first update, but continues to fail upon trying to repair. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the qflipper program, and drivers 3 times and even used the STM driver posted in the other thread about being stuck in DFU. The flipper disconnects itself during the repair and fails. I’ve been able to reconnect via the VirtualBox “Devices/USB” menu, but this happens multiple times in the repair and ultimately fails at some point when it will not reconnect

qFlipper-reconnecting-log.txt (31.0 KB)
This was as far as I could get by reconnecting the USB via the VM menu every time it would automatically disconnect itself. If I didn’t intervene, it would fail the very first time it disconnected on it’s own.

Can you update it through an OS that’s running on bare hardware (not a VM)? qFlipper supports Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Would a live OS without an internet connection work, or do you have to have a connection to perform this kind of task?

I finally got it to accept by playing the fun game of… Can I reconnect the USB device before the installer times out? I kept getting a little farther each time, and I think it was around 10 attempts in the end.