X10 RF protocol 310MHz

I really hope that the Flipper can play with the X10 RF protocol like all X10 remotes. But first the 310 MHz band must be added to the Flipper Sub-GHz list.

Extract from Wikipedia X10 (industry standard) - Wikipedia
X10 RF protocol
To allow for wireless keypads, remote switches, motion sensors, et cetera, an RF protocol is also defined. X10 wireless devices send data packets that are nearly identical to the NEC IR protocol used by many IR remotes, and a radio receiver then provides a bridge which translates these radio packets to ordinary X10 power line control packets. The wireless protocol operates at a frequency of 310 MHz in the U.S. and 433.92 MHz in European systems.

it seems very likely that this is possible. how widespread is the system? issue a normal request in accordance

Thank you SkorP, the code you brought indicates a precision on line 31 that the frequency used is 310.558MHz. Hummm for this reason I think it would be a good idea if there was the ability to manually enter a frequency in the Flipper Sub-GHz ReadRAW Configs.

I just find out, X10 has two RF protocols. One that controls devices (outlet module, lamp socket…) with keypads or keychains. This is the one that interests me at the moment. There is another that controls the burglar alarm modules (door opening, motion detector). Also really cool to play with.