Write to Blank NFC Card?

Now that we can generate different types of NFC cards, would it be possible to write to a blank card like we can in the RFID 125 KHz menu?


I second this. I was going to ask the same thing.

I’m new, and keen to learn. Is it possible to write to blank nfc cards?
I would like to clone my gym pass, which I had assumed was 125GHz, but Flipper recognised as Mifare Classic. I saved it, emulated it, and it worked perfectly with every reader in the gym, but now I’d like to clone it to a sticker, wristband etc

It is impossible to write to EMV NFC Bank cards due to them being read-only, however, writing to Mifare Classic cards (which, by the way, have nothing to do with Bank cards) is in progress and will be added to the firmware eventually.


What about a card like this?


For that you’ll need to have the encryption keys for the cards, which are non-extractable. Basically, cloning a chip-based bank card is impossible by design.

Our EMV reader only shows the freely accessible data on the card, but there is also a lot of data that you simply can’t extract from the card, which is needed for it to work.

@Astra i think misunderstood. They are talking about writing the data to a blank card. Not a bank card :smiley: - would be great to see this in a coming version.