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Why not E-Ink display?

Orange backlight is all well and cool, cyberpunk and stuff, but except for emotional preferences are there any other benefits?
Maybe it’s worth to consider e-ink displays?

TL;DR answer is that E-ink has very low refresh rate and can’t be used quick for menu navigation. You can read full answer on @molecul link.

Wow, refresh rate looks quite fast. Displays that I’ve tested with pwnagotchi was made especially for electronic price tables for goods. Probably it much lower quality than ebooks screens. Also what about backlight on this tiny e-ink screens? We need to look closer. Can you please search for ready to buy e-ink modules with backlight that fit in our size?

As another option, you can consider this type of displays:
Transflective liquid-crystal display

Of the benefits - good visibility in the sun.