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User software repository

Hello! I’ve thought a bit about how users should share their programs so here it is. I think it should be something like Arch User Repository - repo which hosts only build scripts for user applications (which contain only git link, package version, commit hash, conflicting/required packages and sha hashes to check integrity) and also implements package comment section, likes, user trust rate and moderation.
Also it might be handy if packages also were built on Flipper servers in secure environment when developer updates his build script, so that user shouldn’t install toolchain and build package by himself, wasn’t worried about possible malware code in sources (one could just add some kind of rm -rf / and if builder was run with inappropriate privileges it could ruin the system) and was sure that the binary is built from matching sources and signed with Flipper build server key.
And package management might be done from PC utility via USB or Android/IOS via Bluetooth.


I’d love to see either an official or community maintained “package” repository. Were you thinking of using this software repository for the Flipper Zero or the the Flipper One?

(The reason I ask is because it seems there are many people who are excited about the Flipper One and are completely discounting the Flipper Zero.)

On the Flipper Zero, from what I can tell, the “packages” or plugins as they are called on the campaign will simply be PlatformIO projects, which are easy enough to clone, build, and upload through the PlatformIO utility.

Automatically building or testing the plugins should be very feasible and inexpensive using a service like TravisCI or Github Actions.

One of the reasons I backed the project is because I would like to create a CLI utility to assist users with building, uploading, and publishing “packages”, as well as managing device settings if possible/applicable.

A mobile app to manage Flippers over Bluetooth would be amazing.

I look forward for the firmware source and the documentation to be made public so that development on a repository and utility can be made.


Were you thinking of using this software repository for the Flipper Zero or the the Flipper One?
Well, actually both. I think that the main part of functionality and SBC design will be used in Flipper One too (as they’ll probably use same STM32 low-energy MCU), so software may be compatible without any modifications. Flipper One could have its own repo for Linux apps where source code should be built for every supported by Flipper One distro.

Great idea! To my mind repository with pre built plugins/scripts will be great feature for companion app if we can install them without PC.

I like the idea that if I have a mobile app on my phone, I should be able to utilize the far greater storage on my phone to store any payloads or programs that won’t fit in the Flippers memory. That said. I hope the flipper will be capable of standing alone and not requiring a phone to use.
Could even use the phone app to quickly type up some automation script or something without needing a full on computer.