Update requiring sd card not clearly stated

neither in the quick-start guide, nor here nor qflipper does it say, that an sd-card is required for updating the firmware.
To be fair, it is stated here: https://docs.flipperzero.one/basics/firmware-update
but only if you scroll down. Maybe I’m to blame, since I did only read until:

Installing the qFlipper

  • Download the program from the website Flipper Zero Update Page.
  • Download the installation file for your operating system. (supported versions Windows 10 и 11).
  • Run the installation file and follow the instructions before downloading qflipper and starting the update.

I started the update without an sc-card. After the updater was stuck for 30 mins I found out that the sd-card is needed and quit the updating by pressing back and left. Now the flipper doesnt work anymore… I guess and hope I can run the repair feature after I bought an sd-card.

Why does qflipper not remind you that an sd-card is needed for updating? why does it even start the updating process without an sd-card?

So I now got an sd-card and after running the repair, everything works :slight_smile:
Still thinking it would be nice, if the updater stated more clearly that an sd-card is needed in order to not disable the flipper while updating…