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Tracker Bluethoot [IDEA]

I use Tile, a bluetooth tracker.
This tracker use only bluetooth and the range is 60mt for the basic version of Tile.
I buyed it because i have fear to lost my backpack and when i’m walk after the bluetooth range the app send a notification with “you left your backpack” .

It’s interesting idea use flipper for this, i hate Tale because for have a notification i’have buy premium for 3,99$ at mounth or 36$ for year.

Link Tile site :

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I’m sure you will be able to connect you Flipper with your tile device and if your backpack gets out of range, you can sound beep and vibrate the flipper to warn you.

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yep but the flipper.
The usefull is the warning on the app.
Because if you are 60mt to distance is difficult listen the sound.

In my mind flipper was in your pocket with your keys.

In that case, the mobile app need to actively look for flipper via bluetooth beacon. This can be achieved but we need to activate GPS location on the App, otherwise you can’t use bluetooth LE (at least in iOS) but possible, yes.

Yep, also tile use the gps for register ultimate position of your phone/tile and track it.

Another good function are the community of tile, because Tile doesn’t have gps module, but if a person with Tile app installed can use his bluetooth and gps for localize your Tile

That you will not be able to achieve, Flipper is a nich product.