Suggestion: read ignore/blacklist

Hi, while reading sub 1 Ghz it would be useful to have a list of signals to discard. For example an option to ignore all saved ones or a separate specific list.
Use case: I have an area with some signals to read, but some of them are frequent and pollute the screen re-reading the same ones continuously. If I save them they will be known and so (optionally) discarded.
Maybe an option in the saved specific signal (Ignore in read: true/false toggle pinned to a free arrow key).


If I understood everything correctly, you want the flipper not to display signals in Read if you already have them saved on the card? if so, no, it doesn’t make sense. since your signals can be stored anywhere on a flash drive and to understand that you already have it, you need time to check it. secondly, rolling codes are always different and each decryption also takes time and quite a lot. that is, with this approach, the flipper will be engaged in comparing keys and not accepting new ones.

I’m not talking about rolling codes. In my case I have an environment where several devices emit a Princeton encoded signal every some seconds so after a few minutes you have dozens of readings and can’t use Flipper to read other signals.
About the need to scan the storage: you can have a specific “ignored” folder for the excluded ones and limit the number to what the processor is able to handle.

looks like this is a limited case, if you need a history in read, you can increase it several times by correcting define in subghz_history.c