Smartphone remote control synchronisation

For stealthy operation it would be usefull to have the control app on the smartphone so the device can be operated without even taking it our of the pocket or the backpack. Not sure how easy it would be to put such app on Apple store (technically it is just a BT remote control but with the apple you never know), but Android devices shuld not be an issue.

Wow, sorry for late answer, missed your post.
Right now we are planning to add a Bluetooth as a flexible goal in Kickstarter but developing a complete mobile app is not in our plans right now.

Btw, we are planning to start a kickstarter campaign in a few weeks.

Yeah this would be a great feature. A remote GUI on an Android device.
Would be cool if there was no screen on Flipper so it just looks like a powerbank.

I think the screen is useful for doing quick things without your phone, but if you don’t need to hit the buttons and are using it over bluetooth you could easily keep it in your bag, hide in a coffee cup, or any number of ways to hide it that might even be less suspicious than a power bank


Hi, I understand your thoughts about app, but what about app support on flipper side. We need unified interface for apps and other options like communicating between flippers.