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Rfid relay - idea

Attack scenario:
:thinking: Please let me know if you wish me to fill this in…

As far as i can tell with 2 flippers we have the potential to receive a 125khz signal transmit/receive over subghz and retransmit 125khz essentially creating an rfid tunnel/relay.

Sorry this is a very rushed idea but happy to flesh this out in more detail.

Something similar to this rfid relay.

I’m curious what’s the applications you are interested with for this?

Nice example, thanks for sharing

A good example attack/test vector was posted above by bytemare (thank you).

My application interest is simply extending flippers pen testing capabilities. Pen testers can work in groups and collaborate in interesting ways.

That said, there are numerous potential vectors that can be attacked based on this principle.

Is this something thay also interests you? The idea is of course up for scrutiny but as far as i can tell this is literally a code only problem to be solved as flipper already has the hardware capabilities.

I’m not explicitly interested on this, but every code challenge interest me.

The ic that will be used allow for software vendor id change? Some have hardcoded ids on hardware.

Yeah I mean you would have multiple options to communicate to another flipper and theoretically other devices like a proxmark3 depending on your communication protocol.