RFID card not being read - how to identify it

Hi all

I have a building card that’s not being read either NFC or 125kHz. I’ve attached a picture - is there any way to identify what kind of protocol the card is likely using, and if Flipper0 supports it from the serial printed on the card?

Is there any way to add the card manually with whats printed on the card?




First link on google …

125 RFID …

If you have DEBUG enabled on your flipper on the extra actions of the RFID menu there will be a READ RAW … Do that and send the files to @Astra to see if the format can be implemented on flipper…

I sent the RAW data as instructed.

Not sure if I did it right or if its useable or not. Should expect a response or just assume that they’ll get to it if they can.

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I wanted to +1 this request. I have a few Idteck based fobs that I can read and write with my Proxmark3 (code here) but aren’t detected by my flipper.

I’m happy to also share my raw data if it’s useful.