Qflipper not updating

qflipper says update failed after asking to install new version. pls help

Try this guide

I can second this.

The problem is not the flipper firmware, it is the qFlipper app.
This happened on my system from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 and to 1.1.3. Until now I’ve thought it was a permissions issue on my system.
Even ‘Start as Administrator’ doesn’t work. I have an Azure AD account in the local Administrator group.

Lenovo T470s, Win10, latest Updates, Microsoft Defender, AzureAD managed (I am global administrator).

After ‘Update failed’ there is no close button, I’ve had to right click on the Taskbar → close window.

My Workaround:
Download the newest qFlipper Installer and execute. Works fine.

I did post this several days ago :

If possible please do merge my thread with this one as it’s exactly the same issue.

As @LupusE stated i was not able to close the app as well and my workaround was the same mentioned - install the update from the site.

This is NOT a flipper issue as i’m using only unleashed and updating only by sd card, this is problem with qflipper for windows as i did try as well to run as admin as mentioned and my flipper was not even connected when i did attempted the app update.


Yeah, we’ve pushed a faulty update that doesn’t yet work on windows, sorry. It will be fixed soon

I just updated in win11 and everything is correct. version 1.1.3

Thanks for the info !