Powered off during firmware update and will not power back on

I installed the gFlipper app on my computer, installed an sd card in the flipper zero. Formatted and mounted the sd card, then plugged in the flipper zero to update. Was told to reboot into firmware update mode, so I did and the update process started. After a few seconds the Flipper Zero powered off and the update failed.

Now I am unable to power the Flipper Zero back on at all.
Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

I was able to get it into DFU in FS mode using https://docs.flipperzero.one/basics/firmware-recovery, but the qFlipper update gets to the same point every time and fails:

Can you please press right click on logs files, next go to log folder, and get the latest full log file

Apologies, but the last time I opened qFlipper, I was asked to update and accepted before I saw your response. I will try again and post the new log if I am able to get it back into DFU in FS mode. Not able to at the moment, so going to put it on the charger for a bit. Thank you

After installing qFlipper on my daughter’s Macbook, I was able to repair my Flipper Zero and get the firmware current. Looking through the install log on my Windows computer, where I had the original problem,it looks like the FlipperDriverTool.exe installation failed for some reason. I will update this post if I can determine why this happened. Thank you @zhovner for the response!

Do you have some kind of antivirus software? Can you please show the screenshot of Windows Device Manager of how Flipper looks in DFU and Normal modes? Especially the driver tab for each kind of devices.