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Flipper needs to have a quick way of attacking fixed-code systems.

Should be extremely simple to implement since the sequences can (and should) be pre-generated. I’ve done it with an Arduino at some point (just bit-banging a simple 433mhz transmitter), and since Flipper uses (almost) the same chip as in IM-ME it should be possible to outright use parts of the OpenSesame code.

Good point. I think we should implement this feature completely on MCU without raspberry pi code. Also there is much more interesting Samy’s project RollJam. He use two CC1101 modules, one for jamming, and one for listening. But i’m not sure about two CC1111/CC1101 modules in flipper.

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A dedicated CC1101 just for jamming seems to be an extreme overkill. Maybe we could use a “dumb” 433mhz transmitter for that.