Not able to find Flipper zero when searching for bluetooth devices?

Hi Can someone please help me as am not able to connect my Flipper Zero with my mobile with bluetooth when i search for bluetooth devices it doesn’t show up in available devices??? Please help
I did reboot the Flipper Zero turn on bluetooth n off but not find the solution yet…:frowning:

Hi, what phone model and OS version do you have?

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i have Samsung Galaxy S8. try many time my phone find each n every other device but not flipper maybe bluetooth is hidden or you need to make it visible in settings somewhere? Please help me :frowning:

Very old phones/PCs don’t detect flipper as it uses a recent BT stack. For example using an old HP laptop or an old Nokia N70 phone my flipper doesn’t apear when doing a BT scan at all but it does show just fine on modern android phones and on my IBM thinkpad without changing BT settings on flipper.

Is bluetooth enabled in your Flipper’s settings?

If it is, then what firmware version are you running? You can check that by holding the DOWN button on the main screen (the one with the dolphin animations).

Also, can you try installing a “BLE Scanner” app from the play store, and see if the Flipper shows up in there?