No database or SD card found

  1. Started the Flipper Zero.
  2. Updated firmware.
  3. Installed SD card without formatting it. I know it should be FAT32 but as far as I can see it is ExFAT formatted. Flipper Zero can store the detected keys, where previously it wasn’t able to, so probably it can read and write to it.
  4. When I click the left button I get:

No SD card or database found. Some app function may be reduced.

Again, there is an SD card and the device can save IDs of RFID, NFC, etc. cards.
Q1: Is this happening due to not formatted SD card or not formatted in FAT32 exactly but ExFAT eventually?
Q2: What does a database mean? Isn’t this the database that keeps the IDs of all cards, keys, etc.?

You need to update via qFlipper for it to place the database assets on the SD

The databases are things that don’t fit into the internal storage like NFC key dictionaries, universal IR signals, subghz manufacturer codes etc.

Thanks a ton. Now I have even further updated the firmware.

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