NFC RAW read/emulation

Hello, in the future is possible add NFC RAW read and emulation? and send command to NFC cards/tags?
it would be useful to be able to use flipper zero as a small proxmark 3, sniffing, read, send commands and read raw and emulation raw.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No, NFC is a dual-sided protocol that requires communication from both sides, and can’t be used without knowing the protocol, so NFC RAW is impossible even in theory

is possible add RFID functions for LF rfid and HF rfid similar a proxmark3?
thanks a lot

What do you mean?

with “proxmark3 rfid programmer” i can send raw commands
(for example hf 14b raw -c -p -NumberOfBlock -ByteData)
sometimes may be useful can send some rapids commands and correct quickly some bytes inside a tag/card.

is possibile implement via app and bluetooth a terminal “as use proxmark” for send commands, read and write LF and HF data?

You mean having our CLI mimic proxmark commands? In theory yes, but in practice we aren’t going to do that, we have better UX solutions for that use case that we’ll implement

You’re free do to it yourself in your firmware fork though

I will try to study the flipper firmware to create a firmware fork.
How many rfid tags and cards and protocols flipper will it be able to support with official firmware in the future?

What timescale are we talking about?

Near future - AWID and FDX-B are coming in the next couple of weeks.
Future in general - hopefully all of them.