Newbie - Analyzer Question

Hi there, I have just got my flipper and have started to see what it can do. I have a small 4 button remote that I have to control some LED’s. I was trying to use the analyzer to get info but it isnt picking up anything whenever I press any of the buttons on the remote. Does anyone have a guess why this would be.

Thanks in advance.

Which remote control is it?
Does it possibly have infrared?
How far away are you from the remote when you want to pick up the signal?

What frequency does the remote use ? It’s radio one ? IR one ? Some photos would help …

LED light remotes are almost always Infrared. I would try “Create New Remote” under the Infrared tab to see if that works.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. The remote is not IR. I have taken a picture of the remote. I’ve opened it up but there is no writing whatsoever to give any clues. The remote is placed right next to the flipper when I try to detect any signals.

real men don’t need labels. take normal photos of the board, from 2 sides

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Sorry for taking so long, I’ve been stuck at work all week. Here are both sides of the remote.

very similar to 868 frequency…