New Flipper zero out of the box came not function

I have been going back and forth with the vendor for over a month. I was sent a device that will not update. As a penetration tester i was exhausted all of my resources so please spear me the basic fixes. It’s a factory defect and I also offer to send the device back for a new one and i was ghosted for 2.5 weeks

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Hello! Did you try doing a full firmware recovery? Firmware recovery - Flipper Zero — Documentation.

If that didn’t help, please try doing that on a different machine, replacing the USB cable with the one that came with your device, and making sure that there are no USB hubs/adapters in the connection, as they are known sources of issues.

If that didn’t help either, please send here the full qFlipper log (can be obtained by clicking the “OPEN FULL LOG” text at the bottom of the log window), and a video of the whole firmware flashing process. Please show the connection from your flipper to your PC in the video.

Also, you can update via Bluetooth by using the Flipper Mobile App ( This way you’ll avoid any USB-related problems.

If your device is at least recognized by qFlipper, it means that the hardware and the software of the device are intact, and the problem is not in the device, but either in the connection or the host PC.