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LPD 433 Mhz and PMR 446 Mhz walkie-talkie

Flipper zero is said to have a small speaker. Is it possible to use it to listen walkie-talkie (рация) on the 433 and 446 frequency? These radios and frequencies do not require a license and are not encrypted. You can easily listen to them on other walkie-talkie, sdr or even radio, if it is possible to set the frequency to 433.

exact frequencies here

The information page did not indicate which speaker. But in the FAQ that appeared it was written piezo buzzer, as far as I understand, listening to the radio will not work. And CC1101 is not quite suitable for this((

Maybe it’s not possible to listen to it using Flipper itself but it should be possible to use your phone as a speaker/mic. Don’t know if it’s possible to (de)modulate radio signal using CC1101 tho.

Its not possible, flipper has a pizeo(!!!) speaker, it cant play hard sounds, it can only beep. (i alreay answered you in the comments on youtube)

Maybe people will develop a speaker module who knows! Such potential

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Yeah I mean it has GPIOs and can communicate over usb/bluetooth so there should be ample opportunity to get an audio output.