Linear/Nortek Multi-Code - Gate Opener EF4NE02X4

Linear Multi-Code Gate Opener

  • 300MHz
  • 310 MHz
  • 390 MHz

Observed Frequency:

I’ve tried using the spectrum analyzer included with FlipperZero and was unable to find the signal until rolling back to 0.44.1 (see bottom photo). Installed the Plugin Spectrum Analyzer and see spikes at 298.69MHz. Have included photos from outside/inside device. Have captured Read RAW for 300MHz on all 4 modulations and uploaded here. Attempting to emulate any of them don’t open the gate. I’m limited on uploads in new posts so can only include a few here.

Capture subs 300MHz AM:
300_am_1.sub (12.7 KB)
300_am_2.sub (69.4 KB)
300_fm_1.sub (230.2 KB)
300_fm_2.sub (110.2 KB)

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you don’t have more than 1 normally captured message, only fragments, perhaps this is because the transmitter is powerful enough, and you placed it close to the flipper and it blinds bonally. try to receive in Read at frequencies 300, 310, 390. theoretically Linear (MegaCode) is already received and decoded, if it is not some kind of

Thanks for your reply! I’m unable to read at 310 as the selection jumps from 304.25->315. Trying to just use Read mode doesn’t seem to capture/lock on to it. I’ve tried to re-capture at 300 & 390 using both AM modulations holding the button down for a few seconds/longer to hopefully capture more of the message? Attached here. I tried multiple distances away from the flipper zero and tried pointing at different sides of the device to address the other concern.

Which modulation from the above appears to be the most likely to be correct? Happy to capture additional if I’m still screwing something up!

300_am_270.sub (27.5 KB)
300_am_650.sub (23.1 KB)
300_am_650-try2.sub (21.4 KB)
390_am_270.sub (23.8 KB)
390_am_650.sub (46.9 KB)

[Edit]: Have also taken apart my gate housing and the receiver is a 300/310GHz unit so should be able to rule out 390

AM! modulation

it seems to me that your remote control actually works below 300 MHz in frequency, and the CC1101 starts working ONLY from 300 MHz and Ti also writes that reliable reception at the boundaries of the supported bands is not guaranteed. but I still think that the transmitter is working lower in frequency. or one of two

you can check if you get SDR and see the real frequency

My garage opener seems to be operating at 310mhz. But there is no such option for the scanner to pick up. Reading the raw data and sending it doesn’t work - the garage gate does not respond to it. I am using this kind of transmitter

I added 310 MHz to the list of frequencies in the setting files. The 310 MHz frequency shows up in the list of options and the frequency analyzer picks it up now. But the scanner still doesn’t see the transmitter even though I set it to scan at 310 MHz.

Edit: I was able to read and save the raw data at 310 MHz and it opens the garage door.