Lift-Master Garage Door

Lift-Master Base Station

3rd party “Clicker” remote Freq = 390 FCCID = HBW7922

SW1 390.00 AM270.sub (8.2 KB)
SW2 390.00 AM270.sub (9.0 KB)

i am unable to copy and send with the flipper

you do not have more than 1 normally recorded message. the fastest remote control works not at 390 MHz but at a different frequency

do you need the files with a different modulation?

record a video of what the frequency analyzer shows, for starters (9.6 MB)

Well, again, not the official firmware, and I don’t know what has been done there. anyway try to record RAW on AM650, FM238, FM476. 2 meters from the transmitter (maybe just the key fob just “blinds” the flipper)

i do have rougemaster installed, however i was able to read just fine my two work garage remotes.

i will scan all 4 shortly

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nothing showed up on the FM modulation
here are the 650

S1_650.sub (22.1 KB)
Sw2_650.sub (46.0 KB)

throw it away and never put it back on again!

copy that! (whats wrong with it?)

also, i think that remote is trash…

here are the files from my truck, they work to send raw

button1_am650.sub (14.2 KB)
button2_am650.sub (12.8 KB)

and what app are you using to view the frequency?

what app are you using to view the frequency?

Why ??