Jamming a frequency :

Can someone post a .sub file (raw format) to jamm a random frequency for some time like 10min ? A file containing a huge amount of “noise” to block the frequency in a efficient manner ? That way one would only need to edit the header of the .sub to change the frequency to jamm …

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Our radio system is probably too weak do jam anything, so don’t expect any noticeable results from that

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Antenna / reach will surely be a problem but with some duct tape and a bit of ambition if you attach the Flipper directly to the unit you wish to jam it may (or may not) work.

I was able to jamm my test doorbells by simply sending a signal from a sample bell with a different ID over and over again near the reciever, meaning that if i do use flipper to transmit on the same frequency an emulated bell push or a raw from another bell push pressing the real push for the bell will NOT make it ring as apaerently the signal from flipper is stronger than the one from the doorbell push/sender…


maybe with a bit of ducttape and copper wiring / pipe? can always try.