Issue with installation

Good morning all,
I’ve installed the firmware on flipper zero.
Now i want install some plugins.

I plug my device in the pc and from the software i go on “SD Card”

I upload my folder with drag and drop, but i can’t see in my device.

Anyone can help me ?
Plugin is

I tried with others but my device don’t show me the new folder, what i’m missing ?

Thanks to all.

You are NOT attempting to install plug-ins, you are just attempting to copy files to use with flipper like pre-recorded sub files from other people. You can’t drag and drop folders on qflipper, it won’t work. Remove the SD card from flipper and plug it directly to the pc, copy the files that way, you might need something like a SD card USB reader. Using qflipper you need to open SD card and right click to create folder and then chose upload. Again drag and drop doesn’t work with qflipper. Regards.