Is it possible to add additional buttons to the universal remote display?

So I’ve seen some posts that I think may be asking this, but I’m not entirely sure because of the way they are worded.

I dislike the universal remote that comes on the Flipper because it lacks directional buttons and a select button which are needed to navigate most modern TV menus.

Is there a way to add to or modify the buttons that appear on the screen?

I realize that space is limited on such a small device, but there has to be some kind of work around to get a directional pad and select function going so that when I add learned buttons into my universal list, I can retain full function as if I were holding an actual TV remote.

Currently, I just have to learn a new remote and then add these very specific buttons, then scroll to each one as it is needed. I feel like I’m using Flipper much more crudely than potentially possible.


The only way to change the buttons is to modify the infrared app in the firmware (you’ll need to know the C programming language to do that)

Thanks, looks like ive got some poking around to do