IR Remote Control map

Similar to the universal remote, it would be really useful to have optional better button mapping. For example, you set the remote type as a mapped controller, and to access other buttons that don’t have an icon / certain type, you can access them as you usually would.

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Problem would be to fit the icons on the screen of the flipper and different remotes have different functions so it would consume lot of space on flipper screen that you would need to scroll to use…

Then maybe something similar to the universal remote would be appropriate… where users could make for example:

power, up, down, left, right, select, return

Then you would be limited to those functions only… And you can rename your ir file to on the correct asset folder and you will have your remote set on the universal remote layout…

Can I turn on and off an air conditioner?

also true… would nice to have the option build in to create these files when creating a universal remote from the flipper in this format though

We’re considering adding this, but currently there are other development priorities

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Nice! :pray:t3: yeah definitely, it’s only a nice-to-have down the line. Cheers!