Honeywell / Ademco / 2GIG - 5834 / 2GIG-KEY1-345

Hey there, Is it possible to add compatibility for Ademco / Honeywell / 2GIG wireless Alarm systems. They run at 345 MHz and are ASK fixed frequency modulation with static code.

Example FCCID for Ademco remotes is : CFS8DL5824
Example FCCID for 2GIG is : WDQ-KEY1345

make a proper request

Not really sure what else to do. Thought I had done it properly the first time. added some photos. No worries if I’ve got the process wrong. Appreciate you having taken a look.

I still need at least the recordings of the transmission of these remotes, of course I guess from the photographs, but for spells I still need the tears of the virgins, the tear of the dragon, and the poison of the toads. read the pinned post above in the section and give as much information as possible

Appreciate it. In the device configuration, 345 MHz doesn’t appear in the frequency selection settings so I am unsure how I can capture it?

I unfortionately do not have immediate access to an SDR to capture the transmissions to attach to the message so without frequency support at 345 mhz on the flipper I will be unable to provide any captures.

The FCCID docs has the protocol specification and timings of the ASK transmissions.

Cheers and thanks for supporting this product.