Help with ioprox fobs

So I really have zero experience with any kind of coding or rfid knowledge, I just ordered the flipper so i could keep all my access cards and fobs on a separate device in case i lose them. Basically I’m trying to figure out why my flipper won’t scan my ioprox rfid fob. From the internet the fob is 125kHz, “XSF” 26 bit, not sure what that means. Is this due to device issues or am i just stupid and this isn’t supported?

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I have the exact same device and Flipper is unable to read it. @Dr_Zlo @zhovner do you have any idea if this is supported? Any workarounds to adding this key fob?

Thanks for your report, will try to find out this key.

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Thank you so much! :raised_hands:

That fob is not supported but you can purchase a Keysy if you really want to copy it for cheap.

I found this info for the ioprox fobs. I’m not sure if it’s of any use to add the protocol to the flipper zero, but here it is.

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As a side note, I have access to the Kantech software for programming these fobs.

I just received my flipper yesterday and have been unable to copy my ioProx access card for work. Are they any plans to support ioProx or any workarounds?

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After we add RFID RAW


Same issue the ioprox

Experiencing the same issue! Would love support for this as well.

Guys, at least with the latest version of unleashed flipper can read and emulate IoProx XSF cards without any issue. Also cards can be added manually.
I think this functionality should be available on the official stock firmware as well so it might be just a question of updating to the latest version (I want to avoid re-flashing over versions unless there is an update on version so I can’t confirm this).
At any rate I did test with my work badge and it does read fine, emulates fine as well even if I enter the number manually and flipper can even read copies done with the KeySy.
Also number I written on the card itself so it’s very easy to understand the format, just convert decimal to hex and it’s very easy to figure out how to save/emulate IoProx just by knowing the numbers printed on the card … Very poor security.

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Hey! did you just use the plain numbers to generate de hex? I mean the version/facility/cardnumber


xxyyzzzzz to hex ?

Yes, my card (big hospital) can be read by flipper and emulated but if i enter manualy the numbers it works as well and it ends up exactly like the reading . Format is - my card - XSF (AA) BB:CC… So on enter manualy you convert DEC on card to HEX and use BBAACC… on flipper. If you read a valid card and compare the HEX of readed card with imprinted number you will get to know the format.

Hi ! Im absolutely new to this ! Just got flipper today and I was trying to get a read on my ioprox p50tag and it would not read it. I read @Spildit explanation but I have no idea how to convert the XSF code to a code that I can punch in into flipper. Can you help ? Thanks a million !

If flipper doesn’t read your working card (card in good working condition) inserting the code by hand will not help as well. This is because your card type is not supported by flipper. Just do a READ RAW and if the card is not something private/secure that you can’t share send the raw captures to flipper team to see if they can implement support for your specific card.

Again my example was for XSF format only and flipper can read that format so no problem in writing the codes by hand and let flipper emulate/write them but on your case the format is not know otherwise flipper would read your card.