Help with ioprox fobs

So I really have zero experience with any kind of coding or rfid knowledge, I just ordered the flipper so i could keep all my access cards and fobs on a separate device in case i lose them. Basically I’m trying to figure out why my flipper won’t scan my ioprox rfid fob. From the internet the fob is 125kHz, “XSF” 26 bit, not sure what that means. Is this due to device issues or am i just stupid and this isn’t supported?

I have the exact same device and Flipper is unable to read it. @Dr_Zlo @zhovner do you have any idea if this is supported? Any workarounds to adding this key fob?

Thanks for your report, will try to find out this key.

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Thank you so much! :raised_hands:

That fob is not supported but you can purchase a Keysy if you really want to copy it for cheap.

I found this info for the ioprox fobs. I’m not sure if it’s of any use to add the protocol to the flipper zero, but here it is.

As a side note, I have access to the Kantech software for programming these fobs.

I just received my flipper yesterday and have been unable to copy my ioProx access card for work. Are they any plans to support ioProx or any workarounds?

After we add RFID RAW

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