Help Using ESP32 TTGO T-Display Flashed with Marauder


I recently got my flipper zero and wanted to setup an esp32 with marauder to use with it. I already had an esp32 TTGO T-Display so I flashed that with marauder and everything works well when I send commands to it through the arduino IDE serial monitor. But I can’t figure out how to connect it to the flipper and have the flipper control it. I am using pins 25 and 26 on the esp32 and connecting those to TX and RX on the flipper but nothing seems to happen. I have also connected the esp32 to the dap link but when I view the output all I get is just a string of squares. Any help would be appreciated.


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The first thing I’ll always have to ask because it happens so often is:

  • Did you check the TX and RX are correct?

People mess that up on the regular because they forget TX goes to RX and RX goes to TX.

Yes, I have tried both and I only get squares as an output in one direction. After a bit of research I have realized that I need to compile custom firmware for the esp32 because by default the serial pins are not broken out to any IO. I am also having a problem with that tho so I will see what I can do.

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Glad you made some progress!

Im not good at this programming nor getting anything to work BUT HEY, I got the same board! It would be AWESOME If you get this to work! Or get it to work on an esp32 touchdown board!!

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I actually did manage to get this working, but it is a real pain to compile the custom firmware and is definitely not for beginners so maybe I will post a precompiled firmware image here when I get the chance.

BTW I have not gotten the screen on the TTGO to work yet. Right now it only works when connected to the flipper but I might try implementing the screen sometime soon as it would be pretty awesome as a stand alone marauder because of the built in battery management system.


I am Very interested!