GPIO - read flash memory

how to read flash memory via GPIO?

That’s quite a loaded question, please elaborate. What kind of flash memory? You can connect to an SD card via SPI and read data from it, but I suppose you’re talking about something else

I wanna dump firmware from flash memory.

What flash memory? There’s literally thousands of different kinds and all of them are read using different techniques


This :

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Looks like a SOIC8 clip linked to GPIO of the flipper to dump/write the BIOS chip …

It would required flipper software to dump/write the memory…

I do this all the time with willem on data recovery …

example : - The HDD Oracle. • View topic - How to Read and Write SPI ROM with Willem 5.0E :

(my site is broken because of wrong version of php and lack of time on my part to update it but you will get the idea)

Meaning it would be cool to plug yje SOIC8 clip to flipper and get it to dump and write on SPI ROM chips…


I don’t think this will ever be implemented on flipper for end users for several reasons…

Mainly it would require for flipper to have a database for the chips so it would ID the chip and know the size to dump/write and it would require the end user to proper connect the chip to GPIO and select a chip that is compatible in voltage, for example newer Serial Flash chips will be programmed at 1.8v and NOT 3.3V so end user would put a wrong/not supported chip and would blame flipper and tech support would waste many resources to explain why flipper wouldn’t be working on this case, etc … And majority of people who needs to programm eeprom will already have other options, yes for me it would be VERY COOL to have this on flipper but as a flipper team prespective it might be a thing not worth implementing as it will cause way many issues/troubles and the use of this might be limited to few bunch of users.
Also programming with SOIC8 clip in circuit only works on very reduced amount of cases, most of time you have to de.solder the rom. For example on hard drive PCBs it will only work on older Western Digital drives. For Hitachi you have to desolder the chip as MCU on PCB will interfeer with programming and you can’t do that with ROM on circuit (nvram for that matter) and on modern Western Digital on majority of cases ROM is embeded on MCU so no way to programm it this way. I use vendor specific commands and TTL connection to PCB in kernel mode for that…

At any rate to sum it up i think its a cool feature but does require for the user to fully know what he is doing, it’s not like placing flipper on top of an rfid card and press read to get a read of it … so i bet this will not be officially implemented…

Of course anyone should be able to write a pug-in for this as a 3rd party app …

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That’s currently not possible, and as @Spildit correctly said, probably isn’t coming any time soon, sorry

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Yet i still hope that a 3rd party coder can produce some plug-in app to do this in the future !


UPDATE : SPI Mem Manager - 0.1.0 Written by Hedger ghettorce and x893 for Flipper Hackathan 2021.

Supports W25Q32BV and W25Q64FV SPI chips. Need official firmware or the not official one that does support official apps.