Garage Door - 433,919MHz Doitrand Remote


Sorry in advance for my poor English, I’m not speak English well.

My remote isn’t supported, I can’t add it with “read” mode :

  • Brand : DOITRAND TX4DE 197787
  • Freq : 433,919MHz

I join the raw record to help. I hope that someone can add it in the “read mode”.

Thank you in advance
Raw_signal_1.sub (26.8 KB)

Need it too

Now in read mode, the remote is detected and saved. But when I try to emulate it the portal stay closed. I don’t understand it doesn’t work…

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Hello guys !

I have the same remote and same problem for me :smiling_face_with_tear:.

The flipper zero can read the signal and emulate it, but the door will not open.

Do you guys have an idea how to fix that ? I don’t even know where to start ah ah :sweat_smile:

Doitrand is listed in the supported vendors: Supported Sub-GHz vendors - Flipper Zero — Documentation

  • Brand: Doitrand TX4DE 138606
  • Freq: 433, 919 Mhz

You can analyse the raw data in the zipped file
doitrand raw (3.2 KB)

Thx in advance guys :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the problem is really just the rolling codes (and, is not officially supported)