[FUNCTION REQUEST] Android Auto Integration

Hello! I was thinking about an idea to somehow integrate flipper zero with android auto. Similar to the widgets that we already have but something like the image attached. (top right corner)

I tried to search on the forum and couldn’t find anything related. Is there any plans to implement such feature?

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Thank you for mentioning “widgets”! Didn’t even dawn on me to check for widgets, but now I’m contemplating situations where I could set my FZ somewhere and execute the emulation of a key from my phone! :thinking:

I am currently using the widgets on the phone screen whenever I am getting home :slight_smile: It would be very easy if we also had the option on android auto. The hard part I think is to add it to android auto, it should pass some Google policy I believe. it is not so easy as changing manifest of the app and adding the app to auto.

I assume your (main) use case is for sub-ghz emulations?

That’s right. I have a keyless car so usually I keep the keys plus garage keys on a small bag. So far I have been using flipper zero and it is very good. This would just be a feature to make life easier :slight_smile: I am now trying to create a script to perform send using google assistant (it is possible to send commands thought assistant) but it is still a WIP.