*.txt only show up in the root. I want dir after dir to be able to drill down through…that would be awesome.

My Flipper Rocks!!!

You can use Archive (press Down on the Dolphin screen to open it) to open badusb files from any folder

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Thank you. This is great!! any idea if it will be added to the “main” app screens?

What do you mean by the “main app screens”?

home screen o >>> NFC >>>folder.

This will probably be added later, but currently we’re focused on more important things



I was literally just asking in the discord if there was someplace to request this feature earlier lol I was surprised it wasnt one of the first things implemented since its like one of those no brainer kinds of things in fact I assumed it was already a thing at first and thought I did something wrong since I could not find my folders xD this is something that really should be put in the quick start manuals since there really isnt ever a reason to hit down and then left on the pad while on the main screen for someone to accidently stumble upon it . Either way this information made my life a great deal easier because the un organized files was making my OCD kick my a$$ lol

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This is already in the docs

Can you see how this is not intuitive for the end user?

If not stand-by. This will become the most asked question on this forum.

I was on discord for 35 minutes last night and answered this very question to 4 different people in the chat.

Now that I have another it doesnt concern me so much, but I will be grateful if it ever gets added/patched.

Fingers crossed that one of the awesome guys working on the unleased firmware implements this fix for us soon because man does it get beyond annoying having to cycle through my 10+ folders just to get to 1 rather than just going to my NFC module and selecting the folder for the specific tag and then boom theres my tag

This is already implemented in the latest official firmware.