Flipper Shop - Accessories


This question is a little more directed at the Flipper staff. Can the online shop (for the U.S.) be configured to allow people to buy the accessories or modules separately. For example, I would like to buy a WiFi dev module. I wouldn’t want to buy a whole new FZ just to get to that module.


Not the answer you are looking for or the person. It looks like those can be purchased separately on the US store but they are out of stock. Where you referring to the Joom stores or the one below?

I would like to buy the wired-leads for my in-out connections just to be able to have the correct size and type for applications.
Any electronic supplies from flipper-zero would add to their Brand.

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It’s a miracle! I mentioned it in a forum post and voila! Must have been made public right as I decided to post.

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Do you mean Dupont Wire Connectors?

Yes, Flipper needs to sell those so there is zero conflict with experiments. Thanks!