Flipper has been destroyed by France :/


Seems to be no solution but it may save time for people in my case.
I live in France and the main reason I bought a Flipper was to get rid of all the access badges, remote for garage, parking etc…
Imagine, riding your bike, arriving home, one touch on your phone and bam, the gate open, another touch and your garage open, take the flipper in your hand, two click and you emulate the badge to enter your building… Sexy, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, none of those is possible in our country and from what I saw, it will never be.
“Vigik” and “Intratone” is the standard here but even a low cost ‘CAME’ garage door with rolling code make the Flipper helpless.

Sad… or maybe not, security seems good enough to block those method so… (trying to stay positive :slight_smile: )

Have fun everybody!

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