Flipper bricked

I was in the middle of a firmware update and the device turned off.

it will now not turn back on and i have zero idea how to fix.

there where no power issues and my computer didn’t do anything random. just showed that the firmware was interrupted and when i touched the device it was powered off and couldn’t be restarted.

Is there anyway to fix this on my end?

Edit: the light doesn’t even turn on when plugged in to show charging

Unplug the USB cable, Press and hold OK + Back for 30 seconds with the USB unplugged (important), after that release the buttons and connect the USB cable and repair via qflipper

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Try this https://docs.flipperzero.one/basics/firmware-update/firmware-recovery

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was fixed thank you both!

I am having the same issue, and after it preforms the recovery it tries to move on to do the firmware update, where it lags and freezes and the update never finishes and flipper remains bricked

Have you tried the guide above?