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Feature creep - Please don't make No Mans Sky

In my enthusiasm I also have requested/supported some feature requests…
The first days the developers responsibly stated that they couldn’t possibly add more stretch goals.

However I’m seeing hints that features such as more storage and zigbee might be added and the project is already quite large.

I don’t mind if the firmware isn’t complete in February and will be very happy with a tamagotchi shaped dev board.

But many backers will be very disappointed if some features end up scrapped/not available and I don’t think the developers deserve all the backlash that would bring for just being as enthusiastic as we are.


I agree,
An option could be to have certain tools pre build into the hardware.
But have it working at a later date with an update.
just dont go to crazy.

Side note i do hope they are not stingy on memory (have like enough for plentytools and toys) i hate having to program with memory constraints. Or have an expantion option.

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There is already some stuff working so I definitely think they will be able to bring a product to market with some working tools. It’s just that function creep has killed a lot of projects in the past and I don’t want that to happen to this project.

There will be memory and storage constraints due to the nature of the device, but it’s still much more than you would find in an Arduino for example.


I agree as well but we got to keep in mind that expansion modules will be a thing too. Although a tad more memory is always favourable!