Doorking DKS cards and fobs

Hey all, are there any tools for reading / emulating Doorking (DKS) cards and fobs? My Keysy has no problem with them, but havent had any luck with the flipperzero.


We’ll soon add a RAW RFID feature that’ll allow you to read and emulate any 125khz tags, or if you have experience in RFID and embedded programming, you can add support for those tags yourself

Awesome! I have some knowledge of RFID, and Arduino Programming. Is there a guide or place to start if I wanted to roll my own ?

Not at the moment, as the firmware is quickly changing and documenting that before the API is stabilized in v1.0 would be quite difficult

Any updates here? I can read my DKS Fob to a RAW file, but would love to be able to test it and write it out to replica fob.

Maybe you should send the files of the RAW reading to @Astra so that they can analyze the format and hopefully implement that format on Flipper as well ?

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