Demo script keeps freezing,

The badUSB function keeps freezing. i’m on FWV 0.56.1.

I’m not even using a script written on my own, I’m just simply trying to run the windows Demo,

It stops at different points, but it’s never gone further than 30%. sometimes it gets stuck repeating a keystroke. In all cases i’ve had to reboot the flipper. (I wasn’t able to stop the script from the menu)

anyone else having this issue?

Try updating your device, this might help

It’s much better. about 1/3 of the time it still freezes though, but it’s getting towards the end more often than not. Thanks.

So i’m guessing this is something that’s known and is being worked on?

This can also be due to a latency with the script and your computer slow down the delay steps by 100 or 200 additional milliseconds and see if it fixes the issue. I have noticed the demo script has some issues with the timing on some computers with that and a small slow down smooths it out.