CRC Error

When I am trying to add my iButton with the actual key I get an error message saying ‘CRC error: This is not a key’. I have tried using another key of the same type and I get the same issue where it complains about the CRC error.

Can you provide the ID of the key? It seems like you’re using something different from Dallas/Metakom/Cyfral, and the Flipper doesn’t support those keys yet

I can tell you they key is made by Schlage and it is one of the 1w and 125KHz keys

No, I mean the hex ID that the Flipper shows

The flipper is reading 0C A7 EB 4B 00 00 00 02

This error should be non-blocking and you should still be able to save and emulate the key. This error only states that the CRC part is not what it should be on a DS1990 key. Your key is probably one of the other models, so you can just ignore that error.

I have not been able to successfully emulate the key yet. I will keep trying later today and see if I can get it working

This means that the key is not DS1990. We do not officially support emulation for other key types for now