ChampionChip tags

I backed my Flipper back in 2020 and now I coincidentally found use for its 125kHz reader for reading sports tags/chips.

Unfortunately, it seems that the system that we are using (ChampionChip) operates at the 134.2kHz frequency range, which afaik is not yet supported by the Flipper.

It is technically possible to read these types of tags, right? They only contain a 7-digit length identifier (which is what I’d like to read), but I am afraid there’s not a lot of information about them online.

They look like this:


Can’t say for sure, but should be possible

Thanks for your quick response. Would it be feasible to have some sort of “RAW 125/134kHz RFID reader” like the one present in Sub-GHz option (if that makes any sense) in the meantime? Or does it have to be parsed somehow? 134.2kHz tags development seems to be stalled in GitHub.

We’re already working on the exact thing you’ve said (RAW RFID) and been doing so for the last few months, probably finishing soon


Awesome, sorry for asking an already answered question, but I wanted to double check. Hopefully that will work with these chips. The Flipper Zero is the perfect excuse to get started with RF :slight_smile:

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