Battery stuck at 49%

My flipper worked great out of the box it was fully charged everything was going swimmingly untill it ran out of juice. When I charged it I noticed that the battery level read 49% yet it said charged on the indicator. I’ve also noticed that it power cycles every now and then on its own. What could be going on?

Please, connect it to the PC and run power debug and power info in the serial CLI

If you don’t know how to use CLI, please tell me what OS are you using (Windows, Mac, Linux), and I’ll guide you through this

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Ok, I’m using windows.

  1. Connect the Flipper to the PC
  2. Open Putty
  3. Connect to the Flipper COM port at 115200 bauds
  4. The Dolphin art should appear

From there just type the needed commands and press return, then copy their output and paste it here

Hi - I am experiencing the same issue. I charged overnight and went from 49% to 51% …

: power debug
bq27220: CALMD: 0, SEC: 2, EDV2: 0, VDQ: 0, INITCOMP: 1, SMTH: 0, BTPINT: 1, CFGUPDATE: 0
bq27220: CHGINH: 0, FC: 0, OTD: 0, OTC: 0, SLEEP: 0, OCVFAIL: 0, OCVCOMP: 1, FD: 0
bq27220: DSG: 0, SYSDWN: 0, TDA: 0, BATTPRES: 1, AUTH_GD: 0, OCVGD: 1, TCA: 0, RSVD: 0
bq27220: Full capacity: 2101mAh, Design capacity: 2101mAh, Remaining capacity: 1067mAh, State of Charge: 51%, State of health: 100%
bq27220: Voltage: 4156mV, Current: 13mA, Temperature: 22C
bq25896: VBUS: 5200, VSYS: 3944, VBAT: 3924, Current: 0, NTC: 60060m%

: power info
power_info_major : 1
power_info_minor : 0
charge_level : 51
charge_state : charging
battery_voltage : 4152
battery_current : 13
gauge_temp : 22
battery_health : 100
capacity_remain : 1067
capacity_full : 2101
capacity_design : 2101

Sorry for the delayed response
here is the info you requested

And now it won’t turn on at all🥲. This device is amazing hope we can get this sorted out.

I’ll send this to our engineers and we’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, please message and tell them about your problem (please include your dolphin name, serial ID and power info+debug)

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@Astra can you share the instructions for Mac/Linux please?

Nevermind, I was able to follow this CLI Command Line Interface Examples - #3 by bughuntr

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So, I spoke to the engineers and they said that i might have to open it up and unplug the battery and plug it back in. they gave me a instructions on how to do it including the screwdriver size. I have unfortunately stripped the final screw I needed to remove to reach the battery cable. Now my flipper will only work while plugged in. Any suggestions on how I should proceed? I know this was a long time ago and I probably should have reached out sooner but i had a lot going on and this was the earliest i could make it back on here. Thanks again for your help.