Aprimatic Communal Garage Opener

Hi all.

I’m unable to read this using normal read (only RAW). High res photos and RAW files attached. Thanks for any help/insight.

Photos.zip (1.1 MB)
RAW.zip (24.9 KB)

Do the raw captures operate your gate when you do replay them ???

Unfortunately I can’t check - it’s for a garage in Spain and I left on Sunday. Not back for months :frowning:

So we don’t even know if the files you captured are valid …

Well, they are what they are - no? If they’re raw captured then how can then be wrong? I gave a selection so that any variation can be observed (I’m assuming that as it’s a communal system used by 100+ fobs that it cannot be rolling-code), so surely it must be ‘valid’?

If you capture the files using the wrong frequency/modulation and if you do commit mistakes in capturing the files and they will not have valid data so it’s a waste of time trying to analyze non-working files … If you are on FM like 2-FSK you might have a deviation that doesn’t allow for sub to be correctly recorded out-of-the-box without modifying settings so again you will have non-working subs … The least you can do when asking for people to add the protocol/analyze the protocol is to make sure that the files (subs) do work … Also if you don’t have the devices with you to test even if the protocol is implemented on flipper how do you intend to see if it’s working or not ?