Additional Forum Categories?

Can we get some additional categories for the forum? It seems like the current categories are for the different hardware modules on the Flipper, but I think some more general purpose categories would be helpful:

  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tutorials
  • Plugins
  • Community

Also, it seems that most people are using the Kickstarter comment section for discussion, which is much more difficult to follow than this forum or a Discord server.


Would definitely appreciate a Discord server for official announcements in conjunction with the email route. I also agree that categories should be more clearly separated for Flipper Zero/One, although that might be something I have missed.


Discord is fun and all, but i think it would be way to much managment for the team.
On discord information also easily gets lost in time
They should be able to focus on the project, not to much on community managment/distraction

I do agree that the comment section the kickstarterpage is nog the best place for discussion


Discord would be suitable as a social channel where users can help each other and just chat, as an IRC channel in a lot of other projects. Moderation shouldn’t be done by developer team of course, trusted users/volounteers could do that.
Well, of course it could have an additional announcement channel where important things could be forwarded from other platforms.


I would love a Newbie category; I have backed the Zero on Kickstarter becuase looked great, but I don’t have the faintest idea where to start with it. If there is anyone in my position it would be great to know; if there isn’t, it would be great if someone could point me to some newbie or starter websites or courses that could help.