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608A secure enclave with crypto-engine

Probably too late, but it would be awesome if the Zero had a secure enclave+crypto engine. Something like a Microchip 608A ( so you could use it to generate public/private keypairs when you need to encrypt/decrypt data. Second advantage is a hardware-accelerated cryptoengine.

There’s also a library to interact with it,

Also good for doing things like secureboot. Cost < $1.

Worse-case can wire it to


We’ve already had a small discussion here Universal 2nd Factor, and I think that would be great to properly protect U2F private key and implement SmartCard functionality to the device.
I think this chip proposed by saloid would be better 'cause it supports RSA keys mainly used with PGP.


Main reason I suggested the 608A is that it has 16 slots for keys so you can have different ones for various applications without having to juggle things around. Also, it’s supported by pretty much all cloud IOT services.