3.5vdc on Contact Pins when charging

My unit shows 3.5vdc on the 1-Wire contact pins when it is charging.
The voltage drops to 0 when the unit is unplugged.
Is this intentional?

Yes, that is normal and intended. This is caused by us using a pull-up resistor on the pin 17.

Also, just a word of warning (and I personally know people who did this lol): please don’t lick the pogo pins, it might damage them XD

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no worries :laughing:
Great Product!
Thank you

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This should really be on the packaging!


I feel like this would only make the situation worse by acknowledging that it is possible to lick them

Those are the the true heroes!
Thanks for testing it for the rest of us …

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