Wrong region locks applied to Sub-GHz Tx

I’ve checked my local frequency regulations, and I’m pretty sure the region locks applied are incorrect. Is there somewhere to change or check these settings?

According to the documentation, there are only 3 regions, EuRU, UsCaAu, and Jp. I’ve checked that I’m able to transmit in a range that’s not supposed to be allowed, but I can’t use a range that I’m supposed to be able to for my region according to my local radio regulations.


Not at the moment, but we’re working on a new region provisioning scheme that will be more accurate

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Hi @Astra, since updating to 0.64.2 I can’t transmit in New Zealand anymore. Do you know if this on purpose or by accident?

I am not from the flipper team, but I think it would help if you post the “Hardware Region” and “Hardware Region Provisioned”. You can find those values in the mobile app under “Device Info”.

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Same at here! How to fix it?

Same here. Could transmit 433mhz on 0.64.2 then today after the 0.64.3 update I lost it. I checked and you can get a General User Radio License which is free but the thing is you don’t even need to be allows to use the 433mhz band. It’s completely legal just just use it.

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Thanks @sodoku , @Astra

Hardware Region: 2
Hardware Region Provisioned: NZ
Hardware Version: 12

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We have just rolled out a new region provisioning scheme, and we need time to add every country to the list. If you have any issues, please, sent the code of your provisioned region (like US, CA, NZ etc) and we’ll check your region asap.

Already working on the NZ region.



What is the recommended solution when traveling (or moving) between regions (e.g. between US and EU) while staying on the correct side of RF regulation in each jurisdiction? I know location-aware devices like phones and laptops can adjust their radios to match their current location, but I cannot see how a Flipper could do this (automatically, anyway).

My aim here is to be scrupulously legal: given the open-source firmware, I expect it would be possible to de-restrict the frequencies, but that is not my goal. On the contrary, I would like to travel with my Flipper in a manner that allows all locally permitted frequencies, while not risking accidental transmission on banned ones.


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Since yesterday, the region gets re-provisioned on each firmware update. You can just update your flipper to RC and back to the Releaze branch once you’re in another country and the region data will be updated

Same issue here in Malaysia - 433 Mhz is openly for short-range radio comms, RFID, remote controlled devices, security devices. This band is regulated under the National Spectrum Plan (https://www.mcmc.gov.my/skmmgovmy/media/General/MCMC-Spectrum-Plan-2022.pdf) with reference to ITU allocations.

Specifically for 433MHz in Malaysia, it’s governed under “Class Assignment”, where it allows the use of such devices as I mentioned at the top.
More info about Class Assignment on Malaysia Regulator’s FAQ (Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) | Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) - Is there any spectrum categorized under unlicensed band?).

I would like to see such generalization of (only 3) ITU global regions to be superceded by local/national specifications where available. We could have volunteers who could submit (to Flipper Dev team) & maintain such national-level specifics. I’m willing to be one, since I work in the telco engineering, and very familiar with local spectrum regulations. … just putting this out there. :slight_smile:

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Oooh, thanks! Better and easier (and ready-to-use sooner) than I’d hoped! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This should be fixed now

Excuse me, is the list in Taiwan updated? I reinstalled the firmware. However, the frequencies available locally in Taiwan are also disabled in the zero display region.

Here is the specification of Taiwan government official website for FCC. Since it is traditional Chinese, you can use translation software to read the local regulations.


The website mentions that the regulations start on July 1, 2020, please download the PDF file to read the detailed regulations. The second page of the PDF file mentions the unavailable frequency range. It can be seen that 825~915MHz belongs to the unusable range.

frequency 304.10~321.95MHz; 433.05 - 434.79MHz; 915.00 - 928.00MHz. And in line with Taiwan’s local regulations, it is the equipment that Taiwan needs.

I re-downloaded the new version and it showed as Taiwan. But 915MHz still shows regional restrictions.

Attached is a list of frequencies banned in Taiwan


User from Taiwan as well

I’m able to read 433.92MHz AM,650 signals from my garage remote, but failed to save it on Flipper (Lock icon appears before the frequency detected)

Even if I saved it with raw, I was not able to play it “This frquency is restricrted in your region”


hello , i live in Bahrain … just recieved my device and i cant use any of my remotes garage/car anything sun GHz.

R01: BH

attached is a page of Bahrain national frequency plan, which clearly states that its allowed for Amateur below 25W of power. please change the restriction so i can open my two garages (both are 433Mhz AM660)

at this point the device is almost useless :frowning:

433MHz BH_bahrain.pdf (67.6 KB)

here i attached Bahrain official frequency plan which is public.

National+Frequency+Plan+2020.pdf (2.2 MB)

Hello, @Astra my is not working also. I’m located at CHILE, (South America) and I can’t pick any Sub-GHz signals.

Hardware Region: 2
Hardware Region Provisioned: CL
Hardware Version: 12

Please help.

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This issue doesn’t affect receiving signals, only sending