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I,m new to the world of pentesting and am keen to learn . I would like to know how I can get my flipper to work on wifi so I can use deauther and wifi scanner etc as well as some other stuff . I have a wifi dev card but I am not sure how to set it up . Everytime I connect it to the flipper it says insert wifi scanner module so somethings now right . Any help or advice me great



Hi! Can you please provide more context? Our stock firmware doesn’t come with any WiFi functionality, so you seem to be using an unofficial fork. If that’s the case - please contact the developer of your fork for support.

If you are talking about this … :

Then you do need something like this :

And for the options of the Marauder you need costumized dev board. Dev board as is (official) will NOT work. you need to install Marauder firmware on it, etc …

I don’t know if this is allowed to discuss here so i will not post any further but there are instructions on how to do so on the flipper resource page (NOT OFFICIAL) … just search with google …

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Some tuto to install on 401LAB.com